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About us

Founded in 1991, Project Brotherhood Society is a registered charitable organization that provides youth and adults an opportunity to help some of the poorest both in our own community and abroad. In turn, our project also provides an opportunity for the community to support youth and rally behind them in their efforts. We currently support projects in Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Africa and Canada.

Youth Making a Difference

Project Brotherhood Society was created for youth and is run by youth. Not only do teens participate in the ultimate summer project, the organization, fundraising, and preparation are undertaken by them in order to achieve their goals.

Improving Lives in Mexico


The perseverance and hard work put into Project Brotherhood has been met with success. In the eleven trips we have undertaken to Mexico, we have built 66 homes for needy families in Mexico, distributed over 40 000 kg of clothes, basic hygiene items, medical equipment, and school supplies, and have aided many other needy people. Not only have we donated materials to those in need in Mexico, we have also provided them a sense of hope. We have built a medical clinic to serve the needs of a large community, and have brought over $300 000 of medical supplies for many medical facilities. We have built two community centers to help many learn desperately needed life skills and to offer emergency services. We have continued to work and support several orphanages, including those for children with mental and physical disabilities. We have also sponsored over 60 children in their education, for example, enabling a boy who is blind to go to school- he is now at the top of his class. We have also been able to help out in relief of the victims of Hurricanes Pauline, Mitch, Isidore, and Kenna, the Colombian Earthquake, and the floods in Mexico. Perhaps the greatest gifts we have given are joy and smiles on the faces of those who receive something they never had before.

Work in Our Own Community

Project there is great need not only abroad, but also in our own community. We continue support summer camps and other programs for inner city and challenged children, which provides a constructive outlet for hundreds of children. We also have distributed thousands of hampers and dinners annually to the needy and have provided emergency relief to those in desperate need. We continually provide funding for scholarships and for activities that help the needs of those facing difficult challenges. We have also been supporting children that face life-threatening emergencies.

A Measure of Success


The greatest successes of Project Brotherhood are not those of accolades, but are those shown through the people we encounter. We have successfully integrated both mentally and physically challenged teens into our program, and have enabled youth and adults to find self esteem and to break social ails. By providing people the opportunities to help others, we instill in them not only a sense of social justice, but also an awareness of the social, cultural, and economic differences among nations. The leadership skills they develop today will enable them to become valuable contributors to society. By showing them the realities of a larger global picture, we offer them hope and a sense of direction. Through their work they open for themselves a world of possibilities.

Please Help Us Help Others

Over the years, the goal of Project Brotherhood Society has remained the same- to help those less fortunate than ourselves to the greatest of our ability. We need your expertise to enable us to continue our important work. Any support you could provide us is greatly appreciated.

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